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Volunteer tickets will be available from 1. April 2024 via the official Ticketing.

The volunteer ticket is slightly cheaper than the regular tickets. As a volunteer, you will help us for a total of 6 hours throughout the entire convention (e.g., 2 hours on Friday and 4 hours on Sunday). We need assistance with tasks such as firesafety, artist care, keeping the venue clean, and more.

With the volunteer ticket, upon arrival, head directly to the Info-Point where you will find the Volunteer Organization team. Initially, you will sign up for your shifts, and then you will receive your badge directly from us, so you won’t have to wait in line at the entrance. Be sure to keep the note with your shifts, as there are exciting prizes awaiting you in our Volunteer raffle, including exclusive merchandise for those lending a helping hand! We look forward to having you!

If you have questions you can contact our Volunteer-Team via helfer@phoenix-convention.com.

If you would like to be a setup helper before the convention starts, please contact us directly at info@phoenix-convention.com.


Share your Skills

Become a workshop-instructor!

Workshops provide an excellent platform for mutual learning and sharing. During the last Phoenix event, we curated an impressive array of 134 workshops across 11 diverse spaces. Ranging from pre-scheduled sessions to spontaneous gatherings, topics included spinning and fire arts, juggling, yoga/health, fire insurance, stage makeup, and more. Participation in workshops is entirely free for convention attendees.

Would you like to share your expertise and passion with others? Consider becoming a workshop facilitator! If you have exciting ideas and enjoy the thrill of imparting knowledge in a lively environment, Phoenix is the perfect venue for your teaching aspirations. Join us in creating an enriching experience for all. We no longer provide speakers or microphones for your Workshop. You are welcome to bring your own.

Instructors need to have their own ticket to participate!

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